Super HiLo

Super HiLo is an exciting game of chance that gives you the opportunity to win big by attempting to place a number of cumulative bets. If you bet successfully at one level, you can continue, placing a new combination of bets as part of the same game.

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back to the topPlace Your Bets!

To make your bet, ask yourself whether you think the next card you flip over will be:

You can make a combination bet. Combination bets are made up of a higher or lower values bet and a bet on colour (black or red) or a suit.

Once you choose your bet, it displays in the Your Bet field and the amount you can win is calculated in the Return field.

  1. Enter a starting stake.
  2. Click Play. The centre card flips over.
  3. Choose your bet combination.
  1. Click Submit Your Bet.
  2. Click one of the cards facing down. The card flips over.

    Once you flip over a card, you win or lose.

  3. If you win, the return is put forward as the stake for the next bet. You can continue betting by choosing another bet combination, or you can cash out.
  4. If you lose, you lose your stake (or accumulated stake if you had previously successful bets).

back to the topRules

Each new game starts with nine cards randomly selected from a deck of 52 cards.

Aces are low. If you receive an ace to bet from, then you can only bet that the next card will be higher.

Pairs lose. If you have made a straight high/low bet and receive a matching card, your bet will lose. However, if you have made a colour or suit bet, your bet is still valid.

Your stake cannot be altered during a game.

back to the topCashing Out

Click Cashout to collect your winnings. Super HiLo updates to display your winnings. Click the link provided to play again, or close the session.

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