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Welcome to Super USA Casino Partners Program!

We've completed a major upgrade of our Partners Program! Super USA Casino's Partners Program gives you the best opportunity on the Net to profit from sending qualified traffic to our website!

Existing Partners
You need do nothing! Your contact information and customer list has been transferred to our new Partners Database. The upgrade we've completed will ensure that your payments are made sooner each month and more accurately reflect your contribution. It also allows us to be more flexible with our payment plans so we can run limited-time promotions and offer different options in the future.

New Partners
Welcome to your chance to participate in one of the most lucrative businesses on the Net! Our Partners Program lets you benefit from the exponential growth in the online gaming industry. Click here for more details on what we offer.

Forget the banner programs and all the other click through gimmicks on the net! Super USA Casino wants to make you a Partner in the most lucrative business on the net. Gambling has hit the web and we want you to share in the Profits!

For more information e-mail us at [email protected].

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